Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss

Or, the equivalent thereof. I spent weeks. No, months, trying to find the perfect shade of grey white for my interior walls. I oversaw the whole project and when my painter said this is your color going up, I said, hmm, this is egret white? Yes, yes, yes, he assured me. I went against my instincts, and trusted him. Never looked grey white, but, like we all tell ourselves, maybe it's the lighting. A few months later, we were having some work done in the bedroom and they needed to match paint, so, I go get a gallon of egret white. And. Surprise, or not, it wasn't what was on my walls. Now that I know my walls and trim are the same color. I just about can't stand it.

image via wannabe housewife
This is a beautiful dove grey. The framed oak is INCREDIBLE in it's tone on tone mat, a great way to showcase art without it looking too busy. This space has such an organic chic vibe.

image via decorpad
Dramatic moody grey. Grey and yellow are a very popular color combo going on right now. This is a room I could hibernate in. Not sleep. Hibernate. 
image via dreamy whites
The owner of this space has the brilliant design blog above. This is a Martha Stewart color called newsprint and I don't think grey can get any more perfect that this. And how adorably it's propped...

image via decorpad
this is what my walls should be. *obsessing* It's is what it is, Toni. It is what it is. I'm half way tempted to have him repaint. Not on my dime, of course. Anyway, enough ranting, this is such a happy room. With it's happy walls and happy blue garden stool. *obsessing over my walls*

Be inspired.

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