Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well...I still have some family diamonds left...

Cita is the most fabulous human being anyone could ever hope to happen across. She's an incredibly talented designer. Got a super bohemian chic french style. And is the most perfect mix of eclectic sophistication. Blessed, only begins to describe how I feel to have her in my life...Anyhow, she and I went "junkin" today. Actually, only some was junk, and the other was quite important business. Like discussing which slubby washed linen and mother of pearl buttons to use on my new sofa slip. How much do I love her? I pumped. Gas. In her car today for her. HUGE.

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An example of GENIUS, junk buying. That cement terrier is incredible. Old baskets and coral are a great simple way to prop an entry or sideboard. I love those old dark shutters paired with all of the light....

image via decorpad
Good junk, but this stuff has a more taudry feel. If you like "flea market" or "vintage" chic, this is a cute way to have organized clutter. Throw a settee or chaise in this room. You'd really have something.
image via decorpad
Ok. This is good junk. Old french books overfloweth from mantles and shelves in my home. A great French antique without a major French price tag. These old books paired with something totally French, like the sunburst mirror, can help you achieve that casual lived in minimalist look. And in my opinion, every home needs atleast one santos. I have several.
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Gold frames are fantastic buys. Usually always. They're first great to serve their purpose. But also, find some fun things that aren't pictures to frame in gold. It's a great look.

Friday comes with the am!

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