Monday, January 2, 2012

To Pot Rack, or Not to Pot Rack

My kitchen looks really, really really really, REALLY, similar to this

image via decorpad

I was super stoked to come across this image because I've been toying with the idea of adding a pot rack to my tiny space. Now please know this. I do not cook. And when I do make the rare attempt, the smoke alarm usually ends up driving me and the girls into the bedroom while my tall hubby reaches his extra long arm up and shuts it down. Resulting in a call to the pizza delivery man. But *insert dreamy sigh* have any of you been IN to Williams Sonoma lately? Their sparkling cookware has me convinced that yes, I am in need of a pot rack (and perhaps even a bronze saucier, or two).

Here are a few other kitchens with trophy pot racks...I wouldn't mind setting the alarms off in these spaces, for sure...

image via interiorly

image via pinterest

image via decorpad

image via cococozy

image via decorpad

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