Friday, January 27, 2012

First Impressions

Is there ever a weekend that I'll get to stay home? And do the kind of home things people do on weekends? I'm not even sure I know what that is anymore...Maybe starting next week things will go back to normal? I do apologize for the quickness of the posts this week. Vacation, really isn't worth it. Next time, I think my vacation will be staying right at home. Sans kids.

During my weekend busy-ness I'm hoping to get one second to look at new front doors. Painters are coming Monday to start beautifying my outside, and a new front door is definitely in order. Of course I won't make a decision until my mom can see my choices. But, a starting place is necessary.

My inspirations...

Bold! This is what set me off. I heart the way that bright pink door pops against it's surrounding of grey stucco. And the natural trim was such a wise choice for complement...hmmm, but not quite there yet!

Getting warmer. Tattered pink, tattered door, tattered brick....Yes, yes and yes!

Ooooo, cold cold. While I love this shade and this entrance, I'm a big, uhm, NO to the light pink, for me.

Alright....getting hot. Hot pink. *swoon* I can't stop staring at this entrance. This gives a grand first impression! The iron detailing works so well with the worn shade. And I adore the imperfection in the paint on the side there...but, since my exterior finish is nothing like this. The thought and I must part ways.

FIRE! This is it. Welcome to my home! This is what I'm leaning towards. Complete with plants. SURPRISE, honey! I want a pink door. I like the European look of this so much. And how the lights are painted in with the color of the house. If only my windows were that clean? Hmm...

Incase you didn't notice, I'm leaning towards a pink door. But I know I'll never go thru with it. I'm sticking to my mossy aged green grey with slate roof. And I'll be happy. I'm comfortable in greige.

Be inspired this weekend.

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