Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Need Church

Or. Church related relics, I mean. Crosses. Santos'. Fonts, communion trays. And, *sigh*, mostly Holy Mothers. I have a small collection. Ok, I have a growing collection of Mary's. But, seriously, how beautiful she is. To me, she adds a bit of importance to space. There's something about the haunting face of her that speaks to my soul. It took everything I had just to walk away from her in Twenty-Six Twenty last week. I simply stared at her chippy blue robe and broken hand, and wished she could walk out the door in one of Dot and Dana's pristinely wrapped packages. I can't quit thinking about her. Which usually means she'll end up in a vignette somewhere in my house. I think my hubby is hoping I'll talk myself down from that ledge...we shall see...

image via decorpad
A small collection of gold and dark crosses is striking against this all white wall.  Notice there are three. I love the simple impact this adds to this space. Those caneback chairs aren't bad on their own.
image via pinterest
Again, crosses, but this time paired with a painting. Crosses are a safe way to showcase this style of decor. 

image via
*wiping drool from chin* Okay, snap out of it Toni. This. Room. I love the femininity of the settee. The primitive vibe the candelabra is giving off and mostly, I love that antlers and Jesus are being used together. This is. An, incredible, room.

iamge via decorpad
Imagine what that angel has seen, or, heard...Tucked away in his own vignette. Watching over the limestone fireplace and concrete pedestal. This room displays a fantastic mix of textures also.

Know that this post wasn't meant to be blasphemous at all. I genuinely love religious relics. They're some of my very favorite things that I own.

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