Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Display

I have, seriously, about 500 images of display cabinets on my computer. 482, to be exact. And they're all ridiculously incredible. *insert small panic attack* How can I possibly debate over 482 display shelves. What if while I'm browsing, I somehow miss the slightest detail that makes the whole picture? And mostly, how am I supposed to pick just a few to show you guys?...

Well, I did my best to bring you my best...

I have a piece in my living room that I'm sending out to have painted. Something white, duh, if you know me. And the things I've gathered for it are coming along just like this. This is one of my all time favorite images, ever. So simple. Chippy white is good on most things. Then layered with textures like old wicker and antique metal, never a mistake. Also, ironstone is always a classic. Look on the bottom of each piece, it's been around forever. Write that down.

When you find a piece like that cabinet, the rest of the room should just fall into place around it, and with limitless possibilities. I love how it's a little vintage chic here. The height and contrasting dark/white combo dominate (that periwinkle velvet chaise and pink lamp shade are certainly holding their own, though). Plus, I could do some serious blogging on that lounger.

Who doesn't love greige? And white porcelain. I mean really. And then you put white porcelain on a greige shelf? Mmmmm.

This eclectic mix reminds me of how my mom or Cita (both of whom you'll be hearing loads about, I'm sure) would  prop. I love love love this. Except that hunting trophy on the bottom rack. Dang. I think I just bought something like that. And look at that little paint can made into a planter, I just noticed this. Me likey.

This "chicken wire" screening is really starting to be something I want to incorporate somewhere. Maybe in the piece I'm having painted? This vintage/industrial/french space looks totally laid back, but you can tell was designed meticulously. Thats how the best design is though, it should look organic and effortless.

This is a great take on two separate units, coming together for one display. I've been trying to find out the brains behind this space. Whoever it is, is a genius. And Tolix? You can NEVER go wrong there.
Whaaaat? how did this not make my pot rack post! See what I mean about missing something. Great display piece AND a pot rack. *swoon*

Ok. I've saved the best for last. This image captures my style more than any image that I have I think. I loved, no, ADORED this so much when I saw it, that I basically put together something nearly identical in my own dining area. Industrial storage meets old world relics? Yes, please!  This handsome guy sits in brilliant designer, Donna Temple Brown's kitchen. Hmmm. She's lives in Houston. Think she'd mind if I dropped in?

all images via pinterest

Yikes! 8 images! I vowed to never go over 5 per blog *pondering eyebrow rub that I do when I'm nervous". Which one to cut??? Hmmmmm....I can't. Sorry guys! I promise to keep tomorrow's to 3. Deal? 

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