Friday, January 6, 2012

Pink. It happens to the best of us.

While working in CB's room today, I found myself nearly stranded on a small island of pink. Pink clothes and shoes. Pink toys. Pink hair bows, pappys, books and even pink wipes...Oy. Then I couldn't help but smile. Because in all my cool whites, grays and burlaps, I'm kind of inlove with pink. I'd even venture as far out to say that somewhere, deep, deep down, that every girl has a small space in her soul that's some shade of pink. I guess I just like how pink can be whatever you need it to be. Innocent. Glamorous. Sexy. Always staying true to itself and never letting you down. So, here's to you pink, wherever you're at on the colorwheel...

image via pinterest
Believe it or not, this is actually in my "dream kitchens" sub folder.  I think the space, especially for it's size, is genius. I love the petite mix of dining furniture, together with Tolix. And that gallery print on the counter works off the color of the chair so well.

image via cottagechic
Ah. Shabby chic. This style knows allllll about pink. Shabby lovers often mix weathered pink with crisp white linens. And let's not forget the cabbage roses.
image via decorpad
This is the first image that I ever saved to my computer. When I first started finding my design style and who I was interiorly. That extra long pink daybed and it's rich fabrics called to me. I could see myself in this room. Who can't imagine lounging here?
image via decorpad
If you don't want to commit to pink upholstery, it can always be tastefully done in a pillow, flowers, or a throw and print as seen here. There are endless other ways to bring pink into your space ever so slightly. 

Ok...give me a second *wiping drool from chin* This room. This. Room. I saved this image back in 2009 and it's one I always come back to for inspiration. The faintest pink MAKES this room. It flows perfectly with that ceiling and the simple furnishings.

image...isn't mine, but i've forgotten where I pulled it from, it's been so long
This is hands down, my favorite use of pink in a room. And I love how that clean white trim on the peaking curtain plays up the color.  Any of you that know me personally, know that this room, is so entirely me and are aware of my slight addiction to Santos'. I'd probably end up pulling a "Wayne and Garth" on whoever designed this room. "we're not worthy, we're not worthy"

image via en.paperblog
Ok. This is really b@llsy. But more power to whoever occupies this space. The design really is incredible. Very cazh furniture dressed up with the architectural detailing and hot pink.

Have a great day! And think pink. I guarantee you'll smile.

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