Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Houston Style

Houston's home of some of the most stylish designers. My personal favorite, Ginger Barber. Pam Pierce, Sally Wheat...the list goes on. Houston's a stylish word. A cultural melting pot, home to stylish people. So, it makes sense that it denotes it's own interior style. A little coastal. A little French...mostly comfortable and usually rustically refined. Houston style embraces cool colors and inviting textures, but doesn't back down from statement pieces. Houston and all it's sophisticated style, has my heart.

image via decorpad
Whites are everywhere in Houston. From headboards to slips, you can't go wrong with white.  If you're a family, go all washable, of course. Notice the bleached floors? *swoon* 

image via decorpad
Houston spaces are typically open and airy. Again with the white, here coupled with striking timeless antiques. In Houston, usually, there's atleast one piece of substantial furniture that's slipped. 

image via decorpad
This room, SCREAMS, Houston, to me. It's squishy slipped sofa. Rich reclaimed coffee table and natural decor envelope Houston's organic laid back vibe. I love this room

image via pinterest
White. Marble. It could be considered inappropriate to describe to you what white marble does for me. So I won't. All that you need to know is that white marble and Houston go hand in hand. Farm tables are done a lot with a slipped chair, unslipped ones go just as well.  And yes, vintage chandeliers do usually crown every room. (ps, I want that tiny blue fridge)

image via
*squeal* I've saved the best for last. This room. With it's natural carpet and French/Swedish furniture are the epitome of Houston style. This room is warm with texture and antiquities. And finished off with roman shades. This room. With it's architectural elements and squishy puffy pillows. This room.

My take on Houston style. Enjoy Wednesday. The week is almost half over.

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