Monday, January 9, 2012

Wood you? If you could?

My back fence is going up today!! Exterior renovations are slowly beginning *squeal* and I couldn't be more excited. My carpenter told me "Ask your husband if he wants cedar, or treated wood and if he'd like the pickets inside or outside the fence." "Which looks better," I replied. "Pickets in back and cedar, but treated lasts longer," was his response. "Okay then, outside pickets and cedar it is," I said...all day I found myself pacing around the back door checking on the progress and gazing at planks of wood in all their natural glory. Natural, untouched wood really is beautiful. And, incase you're reading this honey, I was totally  planning on asking you....after it was underway...

image via pinterest
*swoon* This is obviously set up for a wedding. Or something, but. That. Fireplace. Raw, reclaimed wood, illuminated by plain white candles. Plain? Really? Did I just use the word, plain to describe something in this image? Also, notice how the tones in the wood on those vintage chairs pick up everything in the room. *Sigh* I wanna get married here.

image via pinterest
What an incredibly clever way to to make a coat, bag and, apparently, bike rack. 

image via pinterest
I'm planning on doing this in my home. I'm just trying to figure out how to not bring any bugs in. And I think it's important to have an "unfussy" fireplace if you're going to do this. You don't want the logs to look, busy. This image is the perfect example of natural elements mixed with fabulousness. Notice the LV steamer.

image via pinterest
What says, "Come sit on me." more than grey wingbacks by a fireplace? Grey wingbacks by a fireplace surrounded by reclaimed wood. I love how the only color here comes from some fresh flowers and and subtly form the rug. Tone on tone is working for me right now.

image via pinterest
I have seen this stump in the flesh. Or, in the, wood, maybe? Anyway, it is definitely on my "I need" list.   As in, I need, someone to let me redo their mountain house. Hint, hint. Paired with those antlers, this space is rusticly refined.

image via decorpad
This mix of  wood stump chairs and modern style is genius.  I do love how the one chair is the only hint of mod in the  space. And so many great textures here. Glass, stone, botanicals and of course, wood.

You who know me know that the last bit above was only teasing, as I have the best guy in the entire world. Hope Monday went well! Bring on bedtime!

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