Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Day After...

Ahhh. The holidays are, officially, over. Everyone observing yesterday for New Years is back to work. My hubby, is back to work. And I get my trainer back after being on "holiday hiatus". Things are starting to feel normal again. *sigh* But there's something else very special about today...I'm an aunt again! My sister-in-law and her husband are welcoming their baby boy into the world any minute. Oy! Better her than me, is all I can say (other than, congrats, I mean).

This precious event has inspired me to bring y'all nurseries today...

image via decorpad
I originally saved this image for those curtains *swoon* but the whole space is quite fantastic. Look at those crystals on that branch. Crystals don't usually do it for me, but those are done just right.

image via nurserynotations
Ah, that antelope (axis) carpet. I am having a rug of this pattern cut for our family room. The artist of that longhorn painting is pretty fab, also. I'm considering having one similar commissioned for myself.

image via decorpad
If you're at all into design, I'm sure you've seen this image, but it's too incredible not to include on a post about nurseries.

image via pinterest
I'd love to see the rest of this lucky little ones room.

image via pinterest
Those dresses on that wall! What a great idea...

image via pinterest
I want/need that horse on wheels. 

image via decorpad
I'm so inlove with this. I wanted this for both of my girls. But all white, seriously? Where are all the toys? And bottles and wipes that get left around the room?
I wish I could show you my own baby girl's room. It's pretty dreamy itself in it's grey and ivory and layered textures. I'm hoping to get my early (4 mos early, to be exact) birthday present soon. A new camera! So I won't have to be borrowing images all the time....

Have a great day. Be normal...the holidays are over!

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