Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ignorance is Bliss

Or, the equivalent thereof. I spent weeks. No, months, trying to find the perfect shade of grey white for my interior walls. I oversaw the whole project and when my painter said this is your color going up, I said, hmm, this is egret white? Yes, yes, yes, he assured me. I went against my instincts, and trusted him. Never looked grey white, but, like we all tell ourselves, maybe it's the lighting. A few months later, we were having some work done in the bedroom and they needed to match paint, so, I go get a gallon of egret white. And. Surprise, or not, it wasn't what was on my walls. Now that I know my walls and trim are the same color. I just about can't stand it.

image via wannabe housewife
This is a beautiful dove grey. The framed oak is INCREDIBLE in it's tone on tone mat, a great way to showcase art without it looking too busy. This space has such an organic chic vibe.

image via decorpad
Dramatic moody grey. Grey and yellow are a very popular color combo going on right now. This is a room I could hibernate in. Not sleep. Hibernate. 
image via dreamy whites
The owner of this space has the brilliant design blog above. This is a Martha Stewart color called newsprint and I don't think grey can get any more perfect that this. And how adorably it's propped...

image via decorpad
this is what my walls should be. *obsessing* It's is what it is, Toni. It is what it is. I'm half way tempted to have him repaint. Not on my dime, of course. Anyway, enough ranting, this is such a happy room. With it's happy walls and happy blue garden stool. *obsessing over my walls*

Be inspired.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unicorns, Sparklies and Roses

I love having girls. I love pulling their little bangs back with over the top headpieces. I love buying clothes adorned with ruffles, roses and lace...I love watching them ride side by side in their little pink car with the radio up. Girls are awesome. And, I love being a girl. There's nothing more liberating than being totally feminine and being ok with it. I love putting on mascara and red soled shoes. And, sitting in the hair chair for hours, chatting with my love (you know who you are). But, most of all, I love that the lone guy in the house loves his girls. The Mr. lets me get pretty girly, even style wise, and just says, "it looks good honey. If you like it, I like it." *swoon* I love being a girl.

image via decorpad
One day. One day, I'll have a lone tub, that's not attached to a shower and that I don't have to share. But for now, I can dream of this beauty, in all of it's porcelain white pedestal glory. I like how the walls are done in two peachy creamy shades. And don't you think that little gold stand has such a giant presence in the space? PS, you can never go wrong with pink flowers. Anywhere.

image via rachel ashwell
Who's more femme than Rachel Ashwell? Tufts, taffeta and t-gilded side table? The soft color palette and smooth lines of the furniture and fixtures make this space comfortably sexy.

image via simple everyday glamour
I almost chose a sofa like this. If I were a single chic, I would have. But I really want you all to notice the florals on the "candlier." I don't know if I could live with it. But it's a superwoman touch to this already leaning feminine space.
image via cote de texas
Fresh flowers...scrolled steel...a mora clock. This is a girl's dining area. I love the drapey crystals on the chandelier with the more rustic chic look of the table. Beautiful combo.

image via decorpad
A more rustic approach to femme, but still soft and beautiful. Petite furnishings and soft props are doing it for this space.

Be inspired. And, if necessary, be girly.

Friday, January 27, 2012

First Impressions

Is there ever a weekend that I'll get to stay home? And do the kind of home things people do on weekends? I'm not even sure I know what that is anymore...Maybe starting next week things will go back to normal? I do apologize for the quickness of the posts this week. Vacation, really isn't worth it. Next time, I think my vacation will be staying right at home. Sans kids.

During my weekend busy-ness I'm hoping to get one second to look at new front doors. Painters are coming Monday to start beautifying my outside, and a new front door is definitely in order. Of course I won't make a decision until my mom can see my choices. But, a starting place is necessary.

My inspirations...

Bold! This is what set me off. I heart the way that bright pink door pops against it's surrounding of grey stucco. And the natural trim was such a wise choice for complement...hmmm, but not quite there yet!

Getting warmer. Tattered pink, tattered door, tattered brick....Yes, yes and yes!

Ooooo, cold cold. While I love this shade and this entrance, I'm a big, uhm, NO to the light pink, for me.

Alright....getting hot. Hot pink. *swoon* I can't stop staring at this entrance. This gives a grand first impression! The iron detailing works so well with the worn shade. And I adore the imperfection in the paint on the side there...but, since my exterior finish is nothing like this. The thought and I must part ways.

FIRE! This is it. Welcome to my home! This is what I'm leaning towards. Complete with plants. SURPRISE, honey! I want a pink door. I like the European look of this so much. And how the lights are painted in with the color of the house. If only my windows were that clean? Hmm...

Incase you didn't notice, I'm leaning towards a pink door. But I know I'll never go thru with it. I'm sticking to my mossy aged green grey with slate roof. And I'll be happy. I'm comfortable in greige.

Be inspired this weekend.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Attractiveness. Charm, gracefulness, comeliness. Ease. Fluidity. It's all the same. Sometimes in life, we are called upon to act in such a manner that show's grace. Whatever your interpretation of it may be. If only I could channel my particular situation that necessitates graciousness through design...


I'm liking the white bentwood chairs with the black table. And the fowl in the back. Insanely graceful. Sheers were a perfect choice for the flow of this room. This is a beautiful space.

Talk about charm! This room says, "Come, kick off your terry slippers and let's snuggle." Look how that headboard moves into the shell shape and the way the duster caresses the floor. Should I even get into those fabulously feminine lamps and the grooves of the bedside tables?

To me, this is design at it's best. And no, not just because of the seagrass flooring.  The marriage of vintage and French here is brilliant perfection. The fluid shape of the lamps on the vintage end pieces compliment the elongated camel sofa. I can not get enough of this room. This is one of my oldest pics and I still notice something new every time I look at it.

all images via decorpad
Be graceful.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Case of the Hmmmmms

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. I have a list, of ideas, that I choose from nightly to blog about. I jot them down in a fabulously tattered journal, and pick one that usually pertains to my day....and today, I have overwhelmed myself with ideas. I'm staring at a bunch of....something....getting no inspiration. And then it hit me. I'm so not that girl. I'm not the girl that writes things down or makes list. My sister, yes. Me...not so much. So, from here on out....I'm going back to what works for me...pressured performance. Feedback appreciated.

You know what I think would really aid in my blogger's block? My own desk space. Something that doesn't double as the kitchen table. Or get covered by paints, crayons and toddler liquids. Yes, that's it. Desk space.

image via pinterest
This space makes my heart beat rapidly. I am totally head over heels for that take on a horse pic. Genius. I love mixing organic things into my style. Industrial rustic. Yum. And the vintage phone is the perfect touch.

image via decorpad
This one's for you, mom. Creamy bergeres balanced by an old farm table. Curtains that blend in with the wall. And, fresh flowers. This room reminds me of my mother. That ridiculously stylish lady, her....not feeling the navajo print rug in here though. But, different stokes for different folks, right?

image via decorpad
What a fun space! Totally feminine, the robin's egg everything makes  this room. Notice the seagrass flooring? A FAVE of mine. Naturally chic. I love this space.

image via loving living small
An outdoor writing space? Why, yes, please? See those feathers in that urn? Stuff like that is what I so appreciate about design. Someone's take on what is naturally beautiful.

image via pinterest
Organized chaos. That's me. That cart pulling duty as a desk, brilliant. And when are tortoise shades a bad idea? This is a totally kitschy room. Love. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I Can Kind Of See Getting My Kicks..

Seriously. If Billy the Kid pottied in any town between Fort Stockton and Santa Fe, there's a billboard and/or museum about it. Amidst all the wild west mania, there were some real gems, though. If only I had my new camera (hint hint)...

Mixed in with the whole "out yonder" theme, Rt66 was still there. Staking it's claim on abandoned street corners and and ghostly drive in lots. Even before this trip, I've found myself gazing over rooms that have a vintage/retro/americana vibe. Cowhides, tulip tables and pinto inspired sofas. I don't think I could personally live that way for long, but I could definitely take an extended stay trip out west somewhere and be in space like that. However, I may put my own spin on the style, and use some Rt66 inspired pieces to finish off my space....we'll see...Happy to be back, y'all!

image via decorpad
The tulip chair. The classic mod/retro icon. I can totally see myself doing something like this. Old French trestle table paired with striking white tulips. Really liking the contrast with the dark floor in this space. I think I need a trestle table...

image via decorpad
Now, the tulip table. Usually seen as a small dining table, but here, dwarfed into a cocktail space. If you didn't already know, let me tell you...white leather SCREAMS mod, especially in this shape. But the pretty thing about it is that it can really mix well with any style. I think it brings an edge to the room. I'm totally down with white leather *mind wondering* hmm..on a baroque gilded settee....

image via decorpad
I'm doing a surprise design for my hubby in his new "man cave" (that he's sharing with the kids. Shhhh) and this chair would go perfectly!..Someone made a great choice with the vintage beach print paired with the woods and hide. This room is SoCal. Yes, I really just said that. 

image via
More hide! I love the vintage charm of this room. Kitschy props, sleek, but welcoming leather. This room was done right. And, it's actually a space I could see myself living with. 

image via decorpad
I'm into the vintage dining set paired with these aqua cabinets. Old tins are a great way to bring a retro Rt66  feeling into your space. If thats what you're going for, of course. That orange tin is done with such taste. You want to be careful when propping with things like tins, signage, bottles, etc..., or you'll come across a little flea market-esque. That's bad. Very bad.
image via pinterest
I want to own. This room. In all of it's well thought undoneness. I adore. A. Dore. That hide on those white 
floors. Notice the rustic bench serving as a side table with it's super cool shape and, the smidge of industrial with the metal letter......
..............................Oh. Sorry. *snapping out of it*

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something to Remember Me By

Brace yourselves. It is happening. No blogging for three, maybe four, days. I know, I know. Try to contain the tears and gasps, but I am heading out on what is hoped to be an incredible trip to the mountains. Along with my preps, you all know that I couldn't help designing my own chalet in my mind. Hides, trophies...fur throw, unending windows and exposed beams. *staring off into...nothing* My inlaws have a winter house that I'd looooooove to get my hands on. Wishful thinking? Probably.

My own winter wonderland would be a combo of these styles...

image via pinterest
*heart beating rapidly* Where to begin? Beautiful hunting trophy? Baroque fireplace? Lamp, hide, settee?? I love that lamp with this feminine furniture. Kind of mans it up. Hides and trophies scream wilderness and it is my personal preference, that the stag be faux. 

image via pinterest
Ahh, my dream mountain kitchen. Except, instead of looking out on a tropical...something...evergreens and snowy mountains would be as far as the eye could see.

image via decorpad
I'd do more grey than gold in the bedroom, but I love the cozy snuggly feel of this space. Maybe a sheepskin on the floor?
image vie decorpad
I love the detailing on the cabinetry in this bathroom. Definitely feels rustic to me. I wonder if that floor is heated? My mountain bathroom will be!

image via
Ok, with or without the duck,  this space feels lodgy. The primitive woods and winged chaise give off a very rustic vibe. I love that they've done a touch of gold in here. A friend of mine once touted that she wished gold were her middle name. I was immediately envious when she said it.

Birch logs in acrylic legs. Genius.
Anyhow, till next week...I'm off to pack more sweaters...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Special Request...

You know that girl. The one in high school that all of the other girls liked (and all of the boys did, too). Well, 10 years out of school, I still like her..go figure. So, it was an of course when she asked me to feature patios. It must be that time of year, this past weekend, the hubby and I started preparing our yard for greener grass and brighter buds. And, I've heard many others doing the same. Maybe all the hard work will bring on sunnier days and warmer temps sooner? Wishing...

image via decorpad
I've actually got "order patio curtains" on my list of things to do. Restoration Hardware has some reasonable designs. I love how outdoor curtains make the patio an extension of your home's interior. I'm also slipping two host chairs for my outdoor table to give the space a dressier look. And I love love love the succulents in the concrete planters. Succulents are easy to maintain and have a nice European look to them. Which I love, of course.

These is a genius take on your typical wicker outdoor furniture. I'm so into those incredible wingbacks!

image via eclectic revisited
This is my dream patio. A french bistro set. Overflowing urn of asparagus fern. Complete with French daybed and concrete garden angel. I love the inviting casualness of this space. If I had this, i might quit dreaming of going to the South of France....naaaaah...

image via decorpad
Paper lanterns or tiny outdoor twinkle lights are also a fun way to prop your space. Pottery barn has a fab selection o f both. But when doing lights, remember to not over do. It's your patio. Not your prom.

Notice none of these spaces have your average ceiling fan. I know this is Texas, but come on. I prefer a nice chandelier or fixture, but if you must have a fan, make it a stylish one. Please?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Houston Style

Houston's home of some of the most stylish designers. My personal favorite, Ginger Barber. Pam Pierce, Sally Wheat...the list goes on. Houston's a stylish word. A cultural melting pot, home to stylish people. So, it makes sense that it denotes it's own interior style. A little coastal. A little French...mostly comfortable and usually rustically refined. Houston style embraces cool colors and inviting textures, but doesn't back down from statement pieces. Houston and all it's sophisticated style, has my heart.

image via decorpad
Whites are everywhere in Houston. From headboards to slips, you can't go wrong with white.  If you're a family, go all washable, of course. Notice the bleached floors? *swoon* 

image via decorpad
Houston spaces are typically open and airy. Again with the white, here coupled with striking timeless antiques. In Houston, usually, there's atleast one piece of substantial furniture that's slipped. 

image via decorpad
This room, SCREAMS, Houston, to me. It's squishy slipped sofa. Rich reclaimed coffee table and natural decor envelope Houston's organic laid back vibe. I love this room

image via pinterest
White. Marble. It could be considered inappropriate to describe to you what white marble does for me. So I won't. All that you need to know is that white marble and Houston go hand in hand. Farm tables are done a lot with a slipped chair, unslipped ones go just as well.  And yes, vintage chandeliers do usually crown every room. (ps, I want that tiny blue fridge)

image via
*squeal* I've saved the best for last. This room. With it's natural carpet and French/Swedish furniture are the epitome of Houston style. This room is warm with texture and antiquities. And finished off with roman shades. This room. With it's architectural elements and squishy puffy pillows. This room.

My take on Houston style. Enjoy Wednesday. The week is almost half over.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Me Thru Grey

Being a grown up is harsh. When we're younger (and dumb), we say foolish things such as, "I can't wait until I'm old enough to live on my own" and/or "being *insert desired age of "coolness"* is going to be the best." Why didn't someone slap some sense into us? I'd go back to being 12 in an instant. No responsibilities. No cares. Just tube socks and an awkward haircut. Yes, please? Anyhow, thoughts of my new grey slipped sofa helped me escape the insanity that is my reality. Even though it was only for a bit...

Then again. If I didn't grow up, I'd never get my own house to style as I wished..hmm. There's a catch to everything. Junior high or 18th century gilded settee? Yeah, I've snapped out of it.

image via
Another of my favorite living rooms. I'm always for industrial mixed with cazh French. 

image via decorpad
I know he's not a sofa, but this handsome guy looks good in grey. Doubling an old stool as a side table is a great way to warm up a space. I'm also really falling for all of the pottery lamps I'm seeing.

image via rachel ashwell
Grey tufted velvet. It's going on a long narrow bench under a fabulous vintage print of Houston that I scored. I love how it romanticizes this sofa. Or, maybe that's the roses...who cares. Looks great.

image via decorpad
Grey can go any way. Elegant, chic, cazh, fem. Masculine, country. Seriously. Any way. The twin sofas and ottoman are very inviting here. A tray is always a good idea if your ottoman is doubling as a coffee table.

image via HAR.com
I nabbed this pic from the HAR, one of my favorite places to snag interior pics. Houston designers know right where it's at. The sofa in this setting is super cazh in it's squishy slip. Notice the dhurrie rug? Another great way to "country French" up a room.

Hope Monday was swell...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I Need Church

Or. Church related relics, I mean. Crosses. Santos'. Fonts, communion trays. And, *sigh*, mostly Holy Mothers. I have a small collection. Ok, I have a growing collection of Mary's. But, seriously, how beautiful she is. To me, she adds a bit of importance to space. There's something about the haunting face of her that speaks to my soul. It took everything I had just to walk away from her in Twenty-Six Twenty last week. I simply stared at her chippy blue robe and broken hand, and wished she could walk out the door in one of Dot and Dana's pristinely wrapped packages. I can't quit thinking about her. Which usually means she'll end up in a vignette somewhere in my house. I think my hubby is hoping I'll talk myself down from that ledge...we shall see...

image via decorpad
A small collection of gold and dark crosses is striking against this all white wall.  Notice there are three. I love the simple impact this adds to this space. Those caneback chairs aren't bad on their own.
image via pinterest
Again, crosses, but this time paired with a painting. Crosses are a safe way to showcase this style of decor. 

image via
*wiping drool from chin* Okay, snap out of it Toni. This. Room. I love the femininity of the settee. The primitive vibe the candelabra is giving off and mostly, I love that antlers and Jesus are being used together. This is. An, incredible, room.

iamge via decorpad
Imagine what that angel has seen, or, heard...Tucked away in his own vignette. Watching over the limestone fireplace and concrete pedestal. This room displays a fantastic mix of textures also.

Know that this post wasn't meant to be blasphemous at all. I genuinely love religious relics. They're some of my very favorite things that I own.

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