Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Horns Are Out...Well, I Mean In

Pick up a design magazine. Look around. Antlers are everywhere right now. I know, like most things, they'll fad out, but there's still a classic quality to them. In all actuality, the antlers that I see being used are all antique, which means they had to be around to use now, so, do they ever really go out? Some will tell you that they're on the decline, but, I advise to make your own call...

Be Inspired.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Heavenly Mess

I love an unmaid bed in the morning. Especially on Friday mornings. An icon of promises for a comfy weekend.....yeah right....

So happy that my grandmother is a diva! Once upholstered in blue crushed velvet, it's now a natural linen. Bella Notte linens.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gone and Done It

Six. Six long, but not really so long, years. Six years is how long I've been lusting over a zebra hide rug. I could never bring myself to make the plunge because A.) it's actually really kind of sad. And    2.) They're expensive. I tried to make myself go for a fake "cowbra" (dyed cowhide), but the thought of that was just so much more wrong. The animal was already killed, don't make it live out the rest of it's days as something it never was. And, ugh, I said the snottiest thing to my guy last week. "Honey. No. I'm not getting a dyed cow. If your going to do a zebra rug, it has to be a ZEBRA, rug. Shameless? Maybe.

Well. It happened. I couldn't TAKE looking and not having, one. More. Day. And the animal rest peacefully in my entry in all of its 4 x 7 exoticness. I justified it by getting an antique, that way, the animal would have already been dead by now from natural causes....right? she is. No, no that doesn't sound right. Here he Here IT is.  The benches are antique finds, the pillows are custom. 

A found oil jar lends its roomy belly to 3 dozen roses. I majorly heart all of the imperfections on this  piece.

This. This is my pride and joy. Houston. I find myself just standing and gazing at it sometimes. Wishing I were there.........................................................................................................................oh...ok. I'm back, sorry. Anyway, this was in an old warehouse that my upholsterer moved into. It was hanging on their wall when you walked in the door and I drooled over it for almost two years before asking if I could purchase it. 

Can you say, "SCORE!" This was a flea market find that I had freshened up. Works perfectly in the space. I've tried to keep the top of it simple with a milagro inspired candle old french books and an orchid.

*swoon* When I saw this at Marburger I knew it'd be leaving with me. An antique fragment from a Portuguese carousel. *end swoon*

Be Inspired.

Friday, April 20, 2012

She's Gone Country

Well, she's actually always been that way. But now, she's way country, living a full 34 minutes out in the middle of what feels like nowhere. I hate going out that way, it' Her and dad moved out to "the ranch" from my childhood home a little over a year ago. While I'm not inlove with the locale, the view is breathtaking and her work on the house is of course, spectacular. Like most good design it's a slow going process and she claims her bedroom is the only thing that feels really "done." 

Walking into the room you get an overall french woodsy feel. FYI, my mom has a hide in just about every room in her home. But they all work. The rest to come....

The charming fireplace and grand antique elk horns. The mantle is flanked by two hand shelled candle bases.

A marble cluster a grapes that she found at an estate sale and got for NOTHING. That's the great thing about small town sales, you can't get for it in a small town what you could in a big city!
One of the bases. If you don't think I tried the "can I have that" with these beauties, your WRONG! Cause I. Did....Didn't work out for me that time...

His and hers fireside chairs my mom found in the hill country and had reupholstered and the wood darkened. 

The sidetable is an old find and I wish I would have photographed the lamp on it. Beaded and chocolate velvet damask. *droooool*

A custom headboard done up with linen gathered bedding. The cow picture is from a Marburger trip and is flanked by metal sconces. *Rubbing eyes with fists* u see the blooper I just spotted?

Vintage books fill most of the built ins but other treasures are amongst them.

My grandparents, in their extreme youth. These were a gift from one of my aunts. 
More to come!...She says when the dogs die she's finishing out everything. Wishful thinking? Or simply a fact?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Without further ado...

I give you, my living room. And I really shouldn't, but I'm so anxious to use the new camera and I've really been missing my blogging. It's hard tho, when you can't get inspired. All of my over-used saved decor pics keep popping up on mostly every blog I look at lately, it seems. Keep in mind, I'm new to the camera that looks more like and airplane cockpit and all of the many uses of photoshop...practice makes perfect, right?

An overall view. I just want to hug Hong (my upholsterer) everytime I look ay my slipped sofa.

Side table. This industrial zinc topped gem came from, where else? Roundtop. I was over the moon for it when I saw it and knew it had to come home with me. One of my many, many Mother Mary's. She was cheap, but she's one of my favorites. I'm seriously contemplating trading the birch lamp out for a low fat pottery one. Cita says no, but we'll see...

A metal niche by the fireplace. I think it was made for this marble Jesus that I snagged this past RoundTop trip. I was lusting. Over a marble Jesus. I'm pretty sure that's not good. Behind it an old bottle topped with octopus coral, another Marburger find.

This hutch. Oy. I thought my marriage was over after I asked my hubby to move this bad boy one more time. It used to be really western. And black. But the oh-so-talented James made it just my style. I love you James! 

My favorite part of the hutch. All Marburger purchases.

I hope to fill the vintage zinc lidded jars FULL of white shells. I'm going to need to log major time at the beach house this summer. The little shells I have took hours to find. OCD? Maybe.
Debra. Hall. Lifestyle. Go there. As fast as your little fingers can click. This woman is a design GENIUS. And her store is incredible to boot. I'm getting ready to make a few more purchases myself. The black striped grain sack pillows came from her. And yes, they're legit. Cita has me spoiled. I don't want it unless it's real. Old. Or, really old. And all of Debra's stuff has character. I think they really help tie in the two old chairs I had redone. 

This pedestal was one of those, "better to beg forgiveness than ask permission" kind of pieces. I finagled it off as last year's birthday present after I was questioned...EEek! Pretend you didn't see that honey.

For some reason, I could not get a good shot of this piece. And that's kind of tragic. Because this piece, in all of it's oil stained marred beauty, is incredible. It was left in the shed at the ranch my parents bought and the moment I laid eyes on and I pulled the "can I have that" on my mom. Something each of us do to one another, often. Me maybe a little more. The trumeau is a custom piece I had done and the wire basket is full of old vintage shells.
So that's it. You're missing the shot of my double doors, but they are being replaced with two sets of French doors and shimmering dupioni curtains. Soon.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not Soon Enough

It's about that time. You know, when you see some people open their car door and sand pours out. The time when you've caught your limit and head in for a cold one and the grill...mostly, the time when the sun beats down on you so brutally, but you could really care less because you're kicking it on a beach chair somewhere with an umbrella adorned drink. Summertime. My season. The reason I push thru the cold, ok,  cooler, months. Usually checked out, but pushing thru, none the less. We spent some time at the beach last weekend and I could almost smell the Hawaiian Tropic. Yep, I'd say it's about that time...

I'm so inlove with this. This particular shade of school hallway blue being the backdrop to natural props. If I had any of the Twilight series handy, I could be in that tub for hours. I love the antique looking plumbing and carelessness of the furniture. Love.

A more beach "cottage" style, this traditional set up is still paying tribute to the sea. With it's cool sand and blue color palette and display shelf adorned with various sea baubles.  This is a really gorgeous space. I can see a hint of the carpet and... *swoon*

Yes. Please. No "?" even. We all know that sea grass flooring has a special place in my heart. And how sweet and cheery the little sitting area is. Close your eyes. Imagine laying in that billowy bed listening to the ocean! I. Need. A vacay.

That. Chandelier. Dinner party? With a chandelier like that, why the hell not????? I love the peachy coral whiteness of all of this. The table is propped beautifully. And oh, have I mentioned the chandelier?
Be inspired.

Monday, February 13, 2012


The seconds have passed so quickly and unknowingly, that, before I knew it, I hadn't blogged in nearly a week! What the French? Where have they gone? Life was a little out of sorts last week. But it feels so good to be back to normal. Sipping hot tea on my own couch, watching HGTV in my own bed and being in my own house with my hubs. What was I thinking, when I thought I'd have time to blog everyday? Wishful, thinking, I suppose. Anyhow, I'm back on track and life is good...

You know what else is good? Ticking fabric. I'm gearing up for another living room project (I know) and I think giant ticking pillows are in order...

What I wouldn't give to see the rest of this space...I love how those ticking pillows are so cazh with this frilly furniture. It's looks like my hubby's been laying here. This is how our pillows look at home when he gets up. And I love it. 

Ok, you've got to look really hard at this one, but those barstools are ticking. Finished off with those giants nailheads give it a great rustic look.

I don't know that I could personally commit to it in the bedroom, but I like the look. Especially paired with gilded Paris and grainsacks. And look at that sidetable *lip bite* Yum. The gilded relaxed look so appeals to me. It's actually how my own house is done. Frilly, ornate pieces mixed in with casual laid back industrial stuff. I promise, pics are coming...

Great beach look. Ticking and cane. Zebra pillows? Interesting, but it's working in this space.

Be Inspired.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Let There Be Light

They say where there's smoke, there's fire. I know first hand that isn't always the case, but, more often than not, where there's smoke, there's fire. I'm hoping for some light to soon be shed on some mysterious happenings going on around me, but, it the mean time, I have light fixtures to pick. The outside of my house hsd been painted, finally, and I must admit that it looks, so. Good. Now, the front porch, side of garage and my back deck are getting new fixtures. I know for sure what I am going to do on the porch and by the garage, but, the deck is taking some serious thought. *closing eyes* Close yours, too. Picture lush ferns, a trickling fountain, potted boxwoods and manicured gravel. Overlooking all of that is a bleached deck with a wrought iron scroll table with marble top. Surrounding the table are strapped iron chairs and flanking the table are white slipped host chairs. Ferns hanging from the beams also...And, to light this glorious space.....nothing...

Here's what I'm trowing around in my head....

To me, this would be gorgeous, but expected of me. It's perfection outside of my house, but, I'm just not feeling it for me right now. It's also perfection in this room. With what appears to be bigger furnishing everywhere else, I like that they kept the fixture open and airy. This is a timeless design and really goes in most spaces.

This is a simple French design, but I think it could be so pretty in my outdoors.  I like how it's done in this room with the pedestals of this table, that sea life and buffet. The props do all the hard stuff in this room and the fixture compliments everything beautifully.

I would love to see something this beaded and drapey hanging in my outdoor dining space. Would. Love it. And this is probably what I'll end up with. I love the swankiness it gives to this room. I love how everything in this area looks really nonchalant, but pristine and then, boom, that fixture hits you.
Be inspired.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Console Me...

As the great Holly Golightly would say, "I have a case of the mean reds." And I do. I really do. Well, I suppose "really" isn't necessary. But, you get my point, I'm down. Bummed. Blue...or, red.

I did find familiar comfort in looking thru all of my images for tonight's post. I'm a visual person and when things are aesthetically pleasing, especially interiors, I can't help but get happy, or feel a little better, in my currant situation. 

image via under spanish moss
Crosses, gilt and some religious looking fellow in the background? Yes, yes and yes! I love the way this console is done. Perfectly undone. Dressed up only with a trumeau styled mirror and a lone candelabra. And it's fanciness compliments the primitive area flawlessly.

image via eclectic revisited
This dainty console blends in beautifully with this space. Again, with a smidge of gold. Even though it's plentifully propped, I don't think it argues with the art showcased above it. It bows to it, almost. Ooo, there's my saint again...I also like how petite and bulky mix so well here. From the reclaimed floor to the eclectic mix of styled design, there are so many positive things to say about this room. Kudos to someone...

image via house to home
This is a more simple console. Still beautiful in it's own right. I like the plainness against the dressy wallpaper.  And also the contrast of the black candle sticks. Simply beautiful.
To all of you with a significant other close by, do ma a favor? Give them a big snuggle, ok?

Be inspired!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Stalking West U

Legally. Of course. I know most of you have committed my favorite guilty pleasure. Yes, I'm talking about neighborhood house stalking. You know, when you drive slowly down perfectly manicured streets hoping the occupants of your favorites homes have left curtains pulled back and lights on so that you can catch a glimpse of what's inside...sometimes, it's totally disappointing. Sometimes, it's the dream you imagined...

What I'm about to show you went up for sale in West U last year. I wanted it. Badly. But at $1,375,000, I was a few dollars short of being able to close the deal. Maybe next time...

The front entrance...with is charming landscaping and inviting pergola...

Ok, if I'm being honest with you all, which I always vow to be, the interior design of this place really isn't  my style. But, I like the bones of the space. These old world beams and fixtures are just my thing.

The floor is stained concrete. I personally like a white kitchen, but I could work with this!

The family room off of the kitchen. I love the colors and simple pieces in here. I could maybe see this room filled with my white furniture....maybe....

Those barstools are seriously fantastic!

Master bath. Hmmmmmm...I like...the.....floors. And shelving?

Breakfast space. I really do love the bench idea surrounding the table. I wanted to do this in our townhome.

The patio area between the main and guest houses. I loved that firepit so much I completely changed our firepit plans mid instal to something like this...

all images via
Wow. This was definitely one that I wasn't expecting what I saw, but after only exterior drooling, I was happy to be able to nose around inside. I'm so glad I did this post. I pic by pic talked myself out of the lust I was feeling toward this, please!

Be inspired...
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