Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not Soon Enough

It's about that time. You know, when you see some people open their car door and sand pours out. The time when you've caught your limit and head in for a cold one and the grill...mostly, the time when the sun beats down on you so brutally, but you could really care less because you're kicking it on a beach chair somewhere with an umbrella adorned drink. Summertime. My season. The reason I push thru the cold, ok,  cooler, months. Usually checked out, but pushing thru, none the less. We spent some time at the beach last weekend and I could almost smell the Hawaiian Tropic. Yep, I'd say it's about that time...

I'm so inlove with this. This particular shade of school hallway blue being the backdrop to natural props. If I had any of the Twilight series handy, I could be in that tub for hours. I love the antique looking plumbing and carelessness of the furniture. Love.

A more beach "cottage" style, this traditional set up is still paying tribute to the sea. With it's cool sand and blue color palette and display shelf adorned with various sea baubles.  This is a really gorgeous space. I can see a hint of the carpet and... *swoon*

Yes. Please. No "?" even. We all know that sea grass flooring has a special place in my heart. And how sweet and cheery the little sitting area is. Close your eyes. Imagine laying in that billowy bed listening to the ocean! I. Need. A vacay.

That. Chandelier. Dinner party? With a chandelier like that, why the hell not????? I love the peachy coral whiteness of all of this. The table is propped beautifully. And oh, have I mentioned the chandelier?
Be inspired.

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