Thursday, February 2, 2012


The first element in group 12 of the period table of elements. And, it looks wicked as home "decor." (I loathe the word "decor", by the way) So, let's say it looks wicked used in home design. I have it as a table top on an industrial base next to my sofa. I'm sure most of you have seen it as fixtures, counters, planters, to name a few...

But, as of late, I'm really liking it on the wall...

Check these babies out...

image via pinterest
In all it's casual Frenchness, this room is sexy. Thanks to that luxe throw across the chaise. I like how there's nothing else on these walls except for that dramatic display. That red floor, eek.

image via decorpad
Just shown in a store, this is still a powerful piece. I like it paired with the little chest of drawers.

image via Haus Design
I can't get enough of this had me at grey sofas. And there sits the zinc, tall and sharp on the mantel.

image via cote de sud
This little piece is petite, but it makes a large impression in the room. Notice the two tone of that daybed. Yum.  And wait, that the Mother herself that I see on the coffee table. Ugh. I love design.
Be inspired.

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