Sunday, February 5, 2012

Console Me...

As the great Holly Golightly would say, "I have a case of the mean reds." And I do. I really do. Well, I suppose "really" isn't necessary. But, you get my point, I'm down. Bummed. Blue...or, red.

I did find familiar comfort in looking thru all of my images for tonight's post. I'm a visual person and when things are aesthetically pleasing, especially interiors, I can't help but get happy, or feel a little better, in my currant situation. 

image via under spanish moss
Crosses, gilt and some religious looking fellow in the background? Yes, yes and yes! I love the way this console is done. Perfectly undone. Dressed up only with a trumeau styled mirror and a lone candelabra. And it's fanciness compliments the primitive area flawlessly.

image via eclectic revisited
This dainty console blends in beautifully with this space. Again, with a smidge of gold. Even though it's plentifully propped, I don't think it argues with the art showcased above it. It bows to it, almost. Ooo, there's my saint again...I also like how petite and bulky mix so well here. From the reclaimed floor to the eclectic mix of styled design, there are so many positive things to say about this room. Kudos to someone...

image via house to home
This is a more simple console. Still beautiful in it's own right. I like the plainness against the dressy wallpaper.  And also the contrast of the black candle sticks. Simply beautiful.
To all of you with a significant other close by, do ma a favor? Give them a big snuggle, ok?

Be inspired!

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