Thursday, April 19, 2012

Without further ado...

I give you, my living room. And I really shouldn't, but I'm so anxious to use the new camera and I've really been missing my blogging. It's hard tho, when you can't get inspired. All of my over-used saved decor pics keep popping up on mostly every blog I look at lately, it seems. Keep in mind, I'm new to the camera that looks more like and airplane cockpit and all of the many uses of photoshop...practice makes perfect, right?

An overall view. I just want to hug Hong (my upholsterer) everytime I look ay my slipped sofa.

Side table. This industrial zinc topped gem came from, where else? Roundtop. I was over the moon for it when I saw it and knew it had to come home with me. One of my many, many Mother Mary's. She was cheap, but she's one of my favorites. I'm seriously contemplating trading the birch lamp out for a low fat pottery one. Cita says no, but we'll see...

A metal niche by the fireplace. I think it was made for this marble Jesus that I snagged this past RoundTop trip. I was lusting. Over a marble Jesus. I'm pretty sure that's not good. Behind it an old bottle topped with octopus coral, another Marburger find.

This hutch. Oy. I thought my marriage was over after I asked my hubby to move this bad boy one more time. It used to be really western. And black. But the oh-so-talented James made it just my style. I love you James! 

My favorite part of the hutch. All Marburger purchases.

I hope to fill the vintage zinc lidded jars FULL of white shells. I'm going to need to log major time at the beach house this summer. The little shells I have took hours to find. OCD? Maybe.
Debra. Hall. Lifestyle. Go there. As fast as your little fingers can click. This woman is a design GENIUS. And her store is incredible to boot. I'm getting ready to make a few more purchases myself. The black striped grain sack pillows came from her. And yes, they're legit. Cita has me spoiled. I don't want it unless it's real. Old. Or, really old. And all of Debra's stuff has character. I think they really help tie in the two old chairs I had redone. 

This pedestal was one of those, "better to beg forgiveness than ask permission" kind of pieces. I finagled it off as last year's birthday present after I was questioned...EEek! Pretend you didn't see that honey.

For some reason, I could not get a good shot of this piece. And that's kind of tragic. Because this piece, in all of it's oil stained marred beauty, is incredible. It was left in the shed at the ranch my parents bought and the moment I laid eyes on and I pulled the "can I have that" on my mom. Something each of us do to one another, often. Me maybe a little more. The trumeau is a custom piece I had done and the wire basket is full of old vintage shells.
So that's it. You're missing the shot of my double doors, but they are being replaced with two sets of French doors and shimmering dupioni curtains. Soon.

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