Friday, April 20, 2012

She's Gone Country

Well, she's actually always been that way. But now, she's way country, living a full 34 minutes out in the middle of what feels like nowhere. I hate going out that way, it' Her and dad moved out to "the ranch" from my childhood home a little over a year ago. While I'm not inlove with the locale, the view is breathtaking and her work on the house is of course, spectacular. Like most good design it's a slow going process and she claims her bedroom is the only thing that feels really "done." 

Walking into the room you get an overall french woodsy feel. FYI, my mom has a hide in just about every room in her home. But they all work. The rest to come....

The charming fireplace and grand antique elk horns. The mantle is flanked by two hand shelled candle bases.

A marble cluster a grapes that she found at an estate sale and got for NOTHING. That's the great thing about small town sales, you can't get for it in a small town what you could in a big city!
One of the bases. If you don't think I tried the "can I have that" with these beauties, your WRONG! Cause I. Did....Didn't work out for me that time...

His and hers fireside chairs my mom found in the hill country and had reupholstered and the wood darkened. 

The sidetable is an old find and I wish I would have photographed the lamp on it. Beaded and chocolate velvet damask. *droooool*

A custom headboard done up with linen gathered bedding. The cow picture is from a Marburger trip and is flanked by metal sconces. *Rubbing eyes with fists* u see the blooper I just spotted?

Vintage books fill most of the built ins but other treasures are amongst them.

My grandparents, in their extreme youth. These were a gift from one of my aunts. 
More to come!...She says when the dogs die she's finishing out everything. Wishful thinking? Or simply a fact?


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