Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Case of the Hmmmmms

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. I have a list, of ideas, that I choose from nightly to blog about. I jot them down in a fabulously tattered journal, and pick one that usually pertains to my day....and today, I have overwhelmed myself with ideas. I'm staring at a bunch of....something....getting no inspiration. And then it hit me. I'm so not that girl. I'm not the girl that writes things down or makes list. My sister, yes. Me...not so much. So, from here on out....I'm going back to what works for me...pressured performance. Feedback appreciated.

You know what I think would really aid in my blogger's block? My own desk space. Something that doesn't double as the kitchen table. Or get covered by paints, crayons and toddler liquids. Yes, that's it. Desk space.

image via pinterest
This space makes my heart beat rapidly. I am totally head over heels for that take on a horse pic. Genius. I love mixing organic things into my style. Industrial rustic. Yum. And the vintage phone is the perfect touch.

image via decorpad
This one's for you, mom. Creamy bergeres balanced by an old farm table. Curtains that blend in with the wall. And, fresh flowers. This room reminds me of my mother. That ridiculously stylish lady, her....not feeling the navajo print rug in here though. But, different stokes for different folks, right?

image via decorpad
What a fun space! Totally feminine, the robin's egg everything makes  this room. Notice the seagrass flooring? A FAVE of mine. Naturally chic. I love this space.

image via loving living small
An outdoor writing space? Why, yes, please? See those feathers in that urn? Stuff like that is what I so appreciate about design. Someone's take on what is naturally beautiful.

image via pinterest
Organized chaos. That's me. That cart pulling duty as a desk, brilliant. And when are tortoise shades a bad idea? This is a totally kitschy room. Love. 

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