Monday, January 16, 2012

Get Me Thru Grey

Being a grown up is harsh. When we're younger (and dumb), we say foolish things such as, "I can't wait until I'm old enough to live on my own" and/or "being *insert desired age of "coolness"* is going to be the best." Why didn't someone slap some sense into us? I'd go back to being 12 in an instant. No responsibilities. No cares. Just tube socks and an awkward haircut. Yes, please? Anyhow, thoughts of my new grey slipped sofa helped me escape the insanity that is my reality. Even though it was only for a bit...

Then again. If I didn't grow up, I'd never get my own house to style as I wished..hmm. There's a catch to everything. Junior high or 18th century gilded settee? Yeah, I've snapped out of it.

image via
Another of my favorite living rooms. I'm always for industrial mixed with cazh French. 

image via decorpad
I know he's not a sofa, but this handsome guy looks good in grey. Doubling an old stool as a side table is a great way to warm up a space. I'm also really falling for all of the pottery lamps I'm seeing.

image via rachel ashwell
Grey tufted velvet. It's going on a long narrow bench under a fabulous vintage print of Houston that I scored. I love how it romanticizes this sofa. Or, maybe that's the roses...who cares. Looks great.

image via decorpad
Grey can go any way. Elegant, chic, cazh, fem. Masculine, country. Seriously. Any way. The twin sofas and ottoman are very inviting here. A tray is always a good idea if your ottoman is doubling as a coffee table.

image via
I nabbed this pic from the HAR, one of my favorite places to snag interior pics. Houston designers know right where it's at. The sofa in this setting is super cazh in it's squishy slip. Notice the dhurrie rug? Another great way to "country French" up a room.

Hope Monday was swell...

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