Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something to Remember Me By

Brace yourselves. It is happening. No blogging for three, maybe four, days. I know, I know. Try to contain the tears and gasps, but I am heading out on what is hoped to be an incredible trip to the mountains. Along with my preps, you all know that I couldn't help designing my own chalet in my mind. Hides, trophies...fur throw, unending windows and exposed beams. *staring off into...nothing* My inlaws have a winter house that I'd looooooove to get my hands on. Wishful thinking? Probably.

My own winter wonderland would be a combo of these styles...

image via pinterest
*heart beating rapidly* Where to begin? Beautiful hunting trophy? Baroque fireplace? Lamp, hide, settee?? I love that lamp with this feminine furniture. Kind of mans it up. Hides and trophies scream wilderness and it is my personal preference, that the stag be faux. 

image via pinterest
Ahh, my dream mountain kitchen. Except, instead of looking out on a tropical...something...evergreens and snowy mountains would be as far as the eye could see.

image via decorpad
I'd do more grey than gold in the bedroom, but I love the cozy snuggly feel of this space. Maybe a sheepskin on the floor?
image vie decorpad
I love the detailing on the cabinetry in this bathroom. Definitely feels rustic to me. I wonder if that floor is heated? My mountain bathroom will be!

image via
Ok, with or without the duck,  this space feels lodgy. The primitive woods and winged chaise give off a very rustic vibe. I love that they've done a touch of gold in here. A friend of mine once touted that she wished gold were her middle name. I was immediately envious when she said it.

Birch logs in acrylic legs. Genius.
Anyhow, till next week...I'm off to pack more sweaters...

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