Sunday, January 29, 2012

Unicorns, Sparklies and Roses

I love having girls. I love pulling their little bangs back with over the top headpieces. I love buying clothes adorned with ruffles, roses and lace...I love watching them ride side by side in their little pink car with the radio up. Girls are awesome. And, I love being a girl. There's nothing more liberating than being totally feminine and being ok with it. I love putting on mascara and red soled shoes. And, sitting in the hair chair for hours, chatting with my love (you know who you are). But, most of all, I love that the lone guy in the house loves his girls. The Mr. lets me get pretty girly, even style wise, and just says, "it looks good honey. If you like it, I like it." *swoon* I love being a girl.

image via decorpad
One day. One day, I'll have a lone tub, that's not attached to a shower and that I don't have to share. But for now, I can dream of this beauty, in all of it's porcelain white pedestal glory. I like how the walls are done in two peachy creamy shades. And don't you think that little gold stand has such a giant presence in the space? PS, you can never go wrong with pink flowers. Anywhere.

image via rachel ashwell
Who's more femme than Rachel Ashwell? Tufts, taffeta and t-gilded side table? The soft color palette and smooth lines of the furniture and fixtures make this space comfortably sexy.

image via simple everyday glamour
I almost chose a sofa like this. If I were a single chic, I would have. But I really want you all to notice the florals on the "candlier." I don't know if I could live with it. But it's a superwoman touch to this already leaning feminine space.
image via cote de texas
Fresh flowers...scrolled steel...a mora clock. This is a girl's dining area. I love the drapey crystals on the chandelier with the more rustic chic look of the table. Beautiful combo.

image via decorpad
A more rustic approach to femme, but still soft and beautiful. Petite furnishings and soft props are doing it for this space.

Be inspired. And, if necessary, be girly.

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