Thursday, January 26, 2012


Attractiveness. Charm, gracefulness, comeliness. Ease. Fluidity. It's all the same. Sometimes in life, we are called upon to act in such a manner that show's grace. Whatever your interpretation of it may be. If only I could channel my particular situation that necessitates graciousness through design...


I'm liking the white bentwood chairs with the black table. And the fowl in the back. Insanely graceful. Sheers were a perfect choice for the flow of this room. This is a beautiful space.

Talk about charm! This room says, "Come, kick off your terry slippers and let's snuggle." Look how that headboard moves into the shell shape and the way the duster caresses the floor. Should I even get into those fabulously feminine lamps and the grooves of the bedside tables?

To me, this is design at it's best. And no, not just because of the seagrass flooring.  The marriage of vintage and French here is brilliant perfection. The fluid shape of the lamps on the vintage end pieces compliment the elongated camel sofa. I can not get enough of this room. This is one of my oldest pics and I still notice something new every time I look at it.

all images via decorpad
Be graceful.

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