Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hate to say you told me so...but...

Have you ever stared at something you've done and reveled in your triumph? I have...I do. With these two chairs in my living room. Their kitschy shape and french linens make my heart beat rapidly. So, you can see why I would be relentless while "blotting" stains from my dreamy trophies. One was fatally touched by cheeto (can I say cheetos, on a blog?) fingers. Not on my watch, by the way. And then, the other, *insert small, no, medium, panic attack*, What did she have that was red? I am sooooo careful about what goes into the living room. (Obviously, some of us aren't. Daddy cheetos. Really, who leaves children unattended with cheetos?) Anyway. I successfully removed the cheesy spots. But, the mystery red remains. You were right mom, you were right.

image via decorpad
If these sofas had cheeks, I would just squeeze 'em. I love the deep tufting and the ultra feminine doily rug.  And stacking books in a fireplace is a genius excuse to prop something during warm months. Also, notice the mostly bare walls. NOTHING should take away from those. Adorable. Tufts.

image via decorpad
One of my favorite living rooms of all time. White? Check. Zebra rug? Check. Santos? Check check check. This room if full of my favorite design things. Gilded sunbursts to concrete angels. A brilliant mix of antiquities on showcase here. And that white flokati rug on the chocolate wood? Perfection.

image via
This sofa's grainsack upholstery resembles that on my chairs. Grainsacks are so right now. I love their casual  feel. I used the texture to tone down what is happening in my boudoir.

image via decorpad
This room wouldn't stand a chance against my oldest. The floor is definitely the focal point for me here and all the white plays it up. I like how they incorporated color subtly with those baby blue drapes.

image via decorpad
*swoon* I love sheepskin mixed with reclaimed wood. And this white furniture falls into place effortlessly with is cazh country vibe.

Here's to Wednesday! Hope it's swell...

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