Tuesday, January 10, 2012


My house always smells fantastic when I walk in the door. It's usually because I've gone off and left a candle burning somewhere. Kitchen, bathroom...front porch...Then I love how the hubby says, "honey, did you go off and leave a candle burning, again"? Uhm, I believe YOU went off and left a candle burning too, Mr. But, in some strange universe, it was decided that us girls are the designated candle blower outers. Men.

image via aidan gray
Candles by the bathtub are always ok with me. I love how the different  heights here make for a dramatic bath. And the towels in between those corbels if a great idea.

image via
A mixture of old antique wood and silver is a great way to add sophisticated old world charm to any space.   

image via decorpad
Candles warm this eclectic dining area right up. I love how those roses are almost glowing in the light and how the flames are dancing off of the silver. Great setting.

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